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Project apple juice

The mobile juicer in Thuringia The APPLE’S POWER in APPLE JUICE, is stronger with traditional hand pressing   We, the Save Nature Group (Dts: The Community of Nature Keepers) still operate our juicers by hand like they used to. The apple juice gets its wonderful taste, is 100% natural, is gently pasteurized and then bottled. […] weiterlesen

Tree planting campaign in Eisenach/Hofferbertaue

Tree planting in Eisenach In the spring of 2018, together with 30 volunteers from the region in Eisenach, we were able to bring to life a joint tree-planting campaign on the Hofwiesenau orchard. Here we have invested the prize money from the Thuringian Environmental Prize and were thus able to replant 30 new fruit trees […] weiterlesen

Creating wild bee hotels

Revitalization of Ilmbach bei Leutenberg   In February 2015, volunteers in Leutenberg started to revitalize a stream. The Ilmbach is an ecosystem worthy of protection because many rare animals such as the fire salamander live there. In addition, there are occasional orchids in the meadows. The group has released a section of the creek from […] weiterlesen

Orchard in Thuringia

Our first orchard in Thuringia In November 2015, we planted a meadow orchard in the sleepy little village of Herschdorf. For this we needed an excavator, digging over 200 holes in the meadow. While we waited for the excavator to get hot, we built a fence around the grounds. Because there are so many animals […] weiterlesen

Dedicated conservationists plant over 200 trees at Leutenberg

Dedicated conservationists plant over 200 trees at Leutenberg In Herschdorf bei Leutenberg, a new orchard has now been planted by the conservation organization “Save Nature Group”.

Sustainability in the household – Part I – Detergents

Sustainability in the household – Part I – Detergents   Use more sustainable cleaners at home! In every household there is dirty laundry, dirty dishes, dirty work surfaces, doors, floors and the bathroom requires some intensive cleaning and care at times! In the supermarkets and drugstores, we are confronted with a large number of cleaning […] weiterlesen

Save Nature in Columbia

Save Nature in Columbia Joint tree planting campaign with students in Medellin On January 18, 2018, Georg Lesser and Johannes Leeder of the Save Nature Group led a tree planting campaign in Meddellin. In 2017, this was already agreed with the government, which has space and plants available. In Meddellin itself, the founders then looked […] weiterlesen

Save Nature and the Waldorf School in Eisenach

The Eisenach Waldorf School supports the Save Nature Group The Waldorf School and the Save Nature Group work together often and that is because many of the organizers and volunteers themselves were there. Communicating the awareness of our habitat and the preservation of nature has a high priority here. Therefore, the Waldorf School has agreed […] weiterlesen

Fruit tree cutting seminar

Snip snip Snip, snip! Away with the branch… but which one?   On March 4, 2017, the volunteers of the Save Nature Group attended a fruit cutting course in Saalfeld. Under the guidance of Mr. Hans-Jürgen Mortag, an experienced pomologist, it was shown how different fruit trees are cut. After a brief introduction to the […] weiterlesen

I think I might be crazy! ;-)

I think I might be crazy! 😉 Leutenberger children protect songbirds On Tuesday, 27 June 2017, the Hortkinder of elementary school Leutenberg, together with the Save-Nature-Group, placed 30 nesting boxes in the forest to protect the local songbirds. They learned a lot about nature, their immediate environment and about the life of the birds. Our […] weiterlesen

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