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Save Nature for Children

“We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our children” (Lakota Indians Sitting Bull)

Save Nature project days at schools

We deal with the topic of sustainability.

The children were full of curiosity and enthusiasm to develop solutions and discover how to live environmentally conscious.

Save Nature Projekttage

The children together liberated nature from the garbage in the schoolyard


Exciting lessons

Apply knowledge learned in a classroom into practice


Plant fruit trees

We planted fruit trees in the school grounds. Each class plants its own apple tree.

Through tree sponsorships, the students learn to take responsibility for the preservation of our nature.

Children planting trees

Students can plant and water their tree themselves

Learn how it works

Learn how it works














We can come to your school

We are available for you to call on: 01772845101

Or by email: contact










Other projects with children

Info booth on Save Nature Group

Info booth: crafts, painting and learning







Robin planting trees

Robin planting trees













A 5t class and their own apple tree

A 5t class and their own apple tree



We look forward to seeing you, your Save Nature Group.