Fruit tree cutting in orchard meadows

What are orchards?

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Important habitats for animals and plants

Scattered fruit is a traditional form of fruit growing with a history beginning in ancient times. There, especially in monasteries and later in the outskirts of the villages, the orchards were created to provide the population with food. In orchards meadows, there are different varieties of apple, cherry, plum and pear trees. The areas are available for grassland use and are usually mowed twice a year or grazed by livestock.

Progressive scientific development led to the creation of 6000 varieties of fruit by the 20th century. Today there are more than 4000 registered varieties of apple trees in the Bundessortenamt Wurzen.

They also provide a perfect habitat for more than 5000 animal and plant species.

That is why it is necessary to preserve the orchard meadows.

Warum ist es wichtig Obstbäume zu schneiden?

Many people ask us why we cut the fruit trees at all. This is for the maintenance and construction of the trees. If you do not cut the trees, they will grow very wild, bear less or only small fruits and, in old age, break a lot of branches out which ultimately leads to the tree dying faster (“obliterated”).

A good planting and educated cut allows the trees to build up a crown structure quickly. This is very important for the stability and development of wide, well-lit, ventilated and well-nested treetops. With a proper old tree cut the tree bears more fruit into old age. We know trees that are well over 100 years old and in good years can carry up to 500 kg of apples. Even with such trees, it is important that one cuts out deadwood and makes rejuvenation cuts.


We offer professional fruit tree cutting and processing for orchards. This is varietal and seasonal. We will be happy to give you a quote for your orchard. The profits go back to nature conservation projects.

  • Passive protection against vole, game and grazing animals
  • Cutting old trees
  • Education section
  • Plant section
  • Finishing
  • Organization of cutting courses
  • Replanting of fruit trees
  • Care of fruit trees (glue rings, white trunks, keep tree disc, etc.)
  • Juice extraction from own fruits (info here)

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