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Teaching at schools 

Knowledge determines the actions of people.

In order to offer us and our future generations a world in which there is still quality of life, it is our responsibility to act. Targeted teaching in schools is one of the most effective ways to promote the bond with nature and the awareness of how to deal with our habitat.

It is not commonplace in the world that man does not throw garbage into nature. It is not that there is ignorance or a bad intention behind it. People simply do not know better and often have no alternative to dispose of their packaging leftovers. Not only in developing countries, there is a lack of knowledge about the handling of waste, the problem is omnipresent, and has already catastrophic consequences on most ecosystems and us humans. Through seminars and lessons at schools, we are able to share this idea and thus to ensure the sustainability of our projects. We have already achieved great successes in India where, with the help of a Power Point presentation and small role-playing games, we were able to motivate entire school classes, independently collect plastic garbage and found new nature clubs.


Lessons in schools

Goverment High School Kochi

Johannes and Georg

Government High School Ernakulam

In Germany, there are always regular lectures and seminars where you are invited to learn the correct way to handle plastic and care for your environment. We Germans are the deadliest people in the world. In our generation it is almost normal to have been abroad for a long time. Furthermore, we are seen globally, to have one of the highest levels of knowledge and unlimited opportunities to acquire new knowledge. Unfortunately, most people in the countries we love to travel to do not have these opportunities.

That’s why we’d like to invite you to take the Save Nature project with you on your travels and to share your knowledge with people as well. We will gladly assist you in the organization or approach to such projects.

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