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– Pocket sized ashtray made of trash –

Do you know this feeling…? You are sitting in the middle of nature, enjoying the beautiful view that is all around you… when suddenly, you notice all of the cigarette buds that are strewn all around you.

As you may know, it will take more than one hundred years for these cigarette butts to decompose. Furthermore, all of the toxic substances and tar, trapped by the cigarettes’ filter, will get through into the soil, and thereby into our environment.

That’s why we developed the Save Nature pocket sized ashtray. So you can dispose of your cigarette filter home in the residual waste. It is made from 100% trash and the best thing is that anyone can do it . Thus, you always have a container for your cigarette butt. It’s easy, just look for a resealable container from your household garbage and you’ll have your pocket ashtray.

All boxes made of metal are best suited with KlickKlack- or screw cap, many containers made of plastic or glass work well.

Good containers are:

– Cream cans
– Chewing gum cans
– Lollipop Pastilles Box
– Tic Tac packs
– Chewing and snuffboxes
– Boxes & vials of medicines


The Save Nature ashtray with logo is also ideal as a gift for your favorite smoker.


If you want to support us, you can order from Georg. Just write an email to:


Thank you. Your Save Nature Group


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