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Tree planting in Eisenach

In the spring of 2018, together with 30 volunteers from the region in Eisenach, we were able to bring to life a joint tree-planting campaign on the Hofwiesenau orchard. Here we have invested the prize money from the Thuringian Environmental Prize and were thus able to replant 30 new fruit trees in this meadow.

Old fruit trees for a new awareness 

Through the instructions of Johannes Leeder & Markus Gottschald, the participants were given all the important facts for the correct way to plant of a fruit tree.

  • Instruction in the basics of pruning
  • Construction of vole baskets (this protects the trees against erosion of roots)
  • Selection of the correct location for the trees
  • Construction of single sniper shooters (protection against game and sheep bites)
  • Basics of Pomology (Fruit Tree Science)

Many thanks to all the volunteers of this project. In particular, we would like to thank the mayor of Eisenach, Ms Katja Wolf and her secretary Karen Bopp, for their active support.

You too can be part of it … you will find all our upcoming projects and actions in our event calendar.


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