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Joint tree planting campaign with students in Medellin

On January 18, 2018, Georg Lesser and Johannes Leeder of the Save Nature Group led a tree planting campaign in Meddellin. In 2017, this was already agreed with the government, which has space and plants available. In Meddellin itself, the founders then looked after the volunteers. For this purpose, posters were made at the universities and schools, invitations were sent via the professors and students were addressed directly. On the day itself, about 30 motivated friends of nature were at the meeting point. The trees were planted in a large park called “El Volador”, which was declared a nature reserve by the government. The

Native trees are a great help against landslide or erosion and flushing through heavy rain on the steep slopes of the Andes.

Our thanks go especially to Prof. Dr. med. Maria Cecilia Plested, who took care of the accommodation for our Save Nature Group, as well as correcting teaching material and instructions in Spanish.

If you would like to organize such projects yourself in Spanish or English speaking countries, you are welcome to contact us and get the lesson material as well as posters and flipcharts about sustainable forest management.

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