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The Eisenach Waldorf School supports the Save Nature Group

Apple harvest with children

Apple harvest with children

The Waldorf School and the Save Nature Group work together often and that is because many of the organizers and volunteers themselves were there.

Communicating the awareness of our habitat and the preservation of nature has a high priority here. Therefore, the Waldorf School has agreed to provide their playground for the mobile juice press of the Save Nature Group.

So we were able to produce over 5000 liters of hand-pressed apple juice  from Eisenacher apples in the schoolyard together with the students of different grades last fall.

The profits will be used for our next tree care seminars in March at Eisenach and tree planting activities in autumn at Leutenberg.

As well as apple juice pressing, the Waldorf School Eisenach will be at our next charity concert in the clubhouse Saalfeld with an eurythmy show & a live orchestra. This is so important to the Save Nature Spring Festival.

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