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The mobile juicer in Thuringia


is stronger with traditional hand pressing



We, the Save Nature Group (Dts: The Community of Nature Keepers) still operate our juicers by hand like they used to. The apple juice gets its wonderful taste, is 100% natural, is gently pasteurized and then bottled.

Our range:

Juice from your own apples Apfel

  • Juice from your own apples is 1.50 € per liter in a ‘bag in box’ system
  • We buy your apples for 15 cents per kilo
  • We also pick up the apples from you
  • Collected apples must be without fouling please
  • With at least 100 kg if we collect the apples from you / collect.

3 & 5 liter boxes3

3 & 5 liter boxes

saft-hintenJuice from Thuringian orchards

If you do not have your own apples, you can still buy apple juice from us and help support nature conservation.

Prices for orders under 100 liters  

  • Bag in box 3 liters = 7,50 €     
  • Bag in box 5 liters = 12,00 €

For larger orders, we also deliver home.

Glass bottle 0.5 liters = 2 €

Glass bottle 0.5 liters = 2 €

Traditional Press

Traditional press


Our proceeds will be used to fund regional nature conservation projects.


If you are interested in your region:

– Wartburgkreis: Georg Lesser 0177 28 45 101

– Saalfeld / Rudolstadt / Leutenberg: Johannes Leeder 0176 45 85 17 86

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