Historical timeline of the Save Nature Group


Founding of Save Nature gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)

30.11.2015 Creation of orchard Herschdorf with 200 old fruit trees (Contribution)
15.01.2016  Revitalising Ilmbach (Contribution)
27.02.2016 Lecture Nature Conservation / DIA Festival Bad Blankenburg
March 2016 Lecture Nature Conservation Lech and photo gallery Jena
14.04.2016 Tree planting Ilmbach (Contributon)
16.04.2016 Litter clean up event (Contribution)
01.05.2016 Seating built for hikers (Contribution)
23.05.2016 Lecture Cinema Union Berlin
June 2016 Care of nature conservation areas
June 2016 Hiking trails built and cleaned (Contribution)
13-14.07.2016 Project Week Protestant School Berlin Köpenick
24.08.2016 Garbage collection Everland Festival Eisenachk
September 2016 Production of apple juice with Walldorfschule Eisenach (Contribution)
October 2016 Care of nature conservation areas
October 2016 Project pocket ashtray (Contribution)
04.11.2016 Hedge created at Herschdorf
06.11.2016 Lecture photo gallery about nature conservation in India
12.12.2016 Acquisition of the property Rodaberg bei Leutenberg
17.03.2017 Spring Festival Saalfeld (Contriution) (OTZ Contribution)
22.03.2017 Tree cutting seminar Saalfeld (Contribution)
April 2017 Fruit tree cutting in orchard meadows
22.04.2017 Creating a Benjes hedge on the Rodaberg
29.05.2017 Project week Sylt (Contribution)
June 2017 Care of nature conservation areas
27.06.2017 Hangng up bird boxes with elementary school Leutenberg (Contribution)
07.08.2017 Acquisition of a garden for school projects in Leutenberg
14.09.2017 Thuringian environmental award Apolda (Contribution)
October 2017 Care of nature conservation areas
2017 Expansion of the clubhouse on the Rodaberg
2017 New construction of Safthalle Herschdorf