Logo von save nature

Objectives of the Save Nature Group


Securing the livelihood of man and nature through:

  • Creation of nature reserves: acquisition and restoration of land through the planting of orchards & mixed forest
  • Organic food: hand-pressed juice, dried fruit, honey
  • Create awareness of nature: public relations & lectures
  • Development Cooperation


  • Our philosophy:
  • Charitable
  • Transparent
  • Regional

Everyone can join in however they can.




“Only those who know their goals will find their way.” (Laozi)

Our goal is to be healthy and happy and to have a high quality of life. We want to create ourselves and our future generations a world in which there is peace and love. If you seriously start to deal with the topic of health and quality of life, you quickly realize that these are determined by the laws of nature. That is why we orient ourselves by our origin; nature. Through the laws of nature, we want to experience true joy and happiness in life.

We want to share this philosophy of life with as many people as possible. We want to restore the connection between man and nature. Through selflessness and with the help of a global network of volunteer members, we want to give nature more than we take from it.